Thursday, March 14, 2019

6 ways to rebound from a tough nursing shift

AJC spoke with several nurses about how they recover from a hard shift. Below are six strategies

they shared:

1. Find a "battle buddy" for moral support. A battle buddy is a "nurse you can go cry it out with

for a few minutes, then get it back together and step back into your nurse role at work," Patricia

Dewer, RN, a cardiac nurse at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital and Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Georgia,

told AJC.

2. Debrief with your team. Elizabeth Binsfield, RN, a nurse at Home Care Assistance in Richmond,

Va., said it's helpful to regroup when a shift has been difficult for everyone. "Replaying the sticky

points and exploring whether there were other options we had can be helpful," she told AJC.

3. Find a relaxing activity. Reading, taking a shower or going for a walk after a difficult shift can

also help nurses destress, according to Ms. Binsfield.

4. Listen to your emotions. Nurses must often suppress their feelings during their shifts to take care

of patients and respond to emergencies. Ann Stinely, RN, a nurse at Raleigh, N.C.-based WakeMed

Health & Hospitals, said she takes the time to reflect on how she's feeling after a shift to prevent

becoming a "bitter, burnt-out robot."

5. Consult your managers. Ms. Stinely also said she checks in with her managers the day after a

difficult shift to discuss any issues or concerns on her mind, if necessary.

6. Stay positive. After a hard shift, Ms. Dewer said it's important to stay positive and remember

every day is different. "In my experience, I might have the worst day for whatever reason and the

following shift might be completely different," she told AJC. "I also keep in mind that it's just 12

hours, either way. The next day is always a new day."

Monday, November 26, 2018

Surgical Nursing Conference 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

We're so glad to announce our next upcoming Surgical Nursing Conference i.e., the 29th Surgical Nursing & Nurse Education Conference which is to be held on the dates May 13-14, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

We believe that this conference would give you a golden opportunity of meeting together with various experts in the field of Surgical Nursing, not only providing you a platform to share your ideas but also to expand your knowledge in various aspects.

The Abstract Submissions and Registrations are open; you can avail the best registration offers on Early Bird and Group Registration. Hurry up! 

Follow the link below for the Conference website: 

Waiting to see you at the Conference!

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